ONLINE BOOK What Do You Feed A Snow Snoot?

What Do You Feed a Snow Snoot?

by Donald W Kruse

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A little girl finds herself bored and lonely when her best friend goes on vacation for a couple of weeks. So what to do? Her mom takes her to the local pet shop to buy a pet in order to curb the loneliness. Ah ... but there are so many pets to choose from. Finally, the little girl picks the most unusual pet of all ... a big, white, lovable, huggable Snow Snoot! The Snow Snoot is a very rare beast that comes from the Far East, and the little girl couldn't be happier with her new pet. At home, things go swimmingly well ... for a while. But suddenly the Snow Snoot becomes very sick and turns blue. While throwing a fit, rubbing its belly, wailing and bawling, the girl's mom reasons that the Snow Snoot is starving. The little girl phones the pet shop to ask what to feed it, but the pet shop owner has no idea what to feed a Snow Snoot. The beast had just arrived in his pet shop that very morning. She's told to try feeding the Snow Snoot all kinds of food until she finds the food agreeable to the Snow Snoot. But after emptying the refrigerator and the cupboards, she can't find any food that the Snow Snoot will eat. She then phones the zoo and they tell her to bring the Snow Snoot right over, and meanwhile keep ice on the Snow Snoot's head to keep him cool. On the way to the zoo, the little girl discovers exactly what the Snow Snoot eats. Join the fun and discover what was lacking in the Snow Snoot's diet. This humorous story, told in verse and with full-color illustrations throughout, will delight and enchant readers and listeners ages 3 and up!




Price: $14.95

Publisher: Zaccheus Entertainment (May 19, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0998197262
ISBN-13: 978-0998197265
Weight: 5 ounces
































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